Volunteer Week 2018 1st-7th June

Volunteer Week is here and we'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Mosaic past, present and future!

Here is a quote from one of our Volunteers about why they came to help Mosaic. 

Please keep an eye on our social media pages this week to see more thank yous to everyone involved! 

Why I became a volunteer for Mosaic

I was lucky enough to be invited by some precious friends to the Mosaic Ball where they had booked a table for ten to celebrate their 25th Wedding anniversary. The evening was wonderful, but what struck me most (apart from the amazing surroundings and beautiful food) was the film that was shown of children discussing their bereavement and the impact it had on their lives. It hit a nerve as my best friend had died and left two children, who were slightly older, but still struggled to come to terms with their loss. As a retired teacher I was lucky enough, over many years of teaching, to work with many wonderful children who needed support to help them work through challenges in their lives including bereavement. I realised my teaching experience (having been on many school residentials) might be useful in helping at the residential weekends. You don't need to be a councillor to work with children in these difficult circumstances but being in a supporting role to the councillors hopefully might make their job a bit easier! It is so rewarding to see a broad smile develop on the face of a child, who is struggling constantly with their emotions, whilst they are enjoying the many fun activities. To engage them with a craft or another activity so they can loose themselves in the moment, however briefly, is such a beautiful thing to behold. Mosaic do wonderful things and I am just a very small part of their work. I will continue to help as much as possible alongside those whose huge commitment (much greater than mine) is so utterly awe inspiring. We can't bring the children's loved ones back but hopefully we can help them learn how to come to terms and to live with their loss as well as adding some happiness, friendship, fun and laughter into the mix as well.
Haley Knight

Summer 2018 Events to Support Mosaic

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Guest - Tracy M-N on Friday, 01 June 2018 16:08

Am loving the blogs!

Am loving the blogs! :)
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