Summer Holiday Activities!

With the summer holidays now well underway, why not take the opportunity to try out some of these creative activities? Having time to draw or paint allows us to access and explore our memories and emotions in a way which doesn't require us to talk or make sense of how we are feeling. The following activities are all simple, yet effective, ways of treasuring memories whilst spending time thinking about lost loved ones. Before beginning any of these activities, spend some time thinking about your loved one and the colours and designs that they would have liked most. Maybe even choose colours that remind you of special times you spent with that person.

Resources you may need (these can be bought online or from craft stores, for a small cost):
Paints – ready mixed is best
Stick on Embellishments – sequins, feathers, shapes, letters etc.
Glue – PVA works well

Memory Stones
What you need:
Stones (available at most garden centres)
The memory stone activity allows you to be as creative as you like. You can paint pictures of their favourite things, colours that remind you of them, or if you are feeling really artistic why not paint their portrait?

Bird Boxes
What you need:
Wooden bird box
Did your loved one enjoy being outdoors? Were they a keen gardener? This can be a lovely way to pay tribute to their hobby whilst giving a beautiful new home to the birds visiting your garden.

Photo Frames
What you need:
Cardboard photo frames
A photo of your special person
Photos are a wonderful way of keeping special memories alive and adding decorations to a photo frame is a way of making that photo even more unique.

Plant Pots
What you need:
Terracotta Pot
Seeds and Compost for planting
Although the act of decorating the pot is itself a lovely activity, you can also then take time to plant your loved ones favourite flower and remember them as it grows. 

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