Dorset County Show

In the summer Mosaic were thrilled to be asked to meet with Mrs Hill, the chairman and Mr Cowen the president of Dorset County Show. Alongside secretary, Will Hyde, we discussed whether they believed that Mosaic would be suitable as being the charity of the year and we were totally amazed when we were chosen to be just that!

Having grown up in the farming community and attending the show regularly, our funding coordinator Laura Stanley was particularly excited to be involved; especially as part of the package was a stall at the show for both days over the weekend.

Prior to the show Mosaic were invited to attend the annual charity evening, hosted by the president in the members pavilion on Wednesday 4th September. This year, the event took the form of an 'Evening with Lord and Lady Fellowes of West Stafford' and what an evening it was.

With a prize for the 'Best Dressed Table' it was brilliant to see so many people make such an amazing effort in coordinating their tables and clothing to create amazing themes. Asked to bring a picnic, (we were disappointed we didn't think of ordering a takeaway like the people on the table next to us) it was great to be able to eat, drink and socialise in a very relaxed atmosphere. During the meal there was the chance to play a couple of games to raise funds for Mosaic. Additionally, a couple of items were auctioned off and a raffle which lasted all weekend was started, offering the chance to win a spa membership for a year.

Once Lord and Lady Fellowes took to the stage, it became quickly apparent that they are brilliant speakers; witty, engaging and full of great little anecdotes about the wonderful life they have led. We were all enthralled, although sadly there were no spoilers for the content of the new Downton Abbey film which arrived in cinemas the following week. It was a wonderful evening and we are all very grateful to have been involved. 

Over the show weekend Mosaic held a stall involving games for both children and adults. Children were asked to choose a square and find the needle in the haystack, whilst adults were choosing whether bottles contained water or wine. Both games proved hugely popular and the show raised an impressive £479 form these games. More importantly it also raised a huge amount of awareness of the service which Mosaic offer across the county and allowed us to reach a new audience and encourage more people to become involved in the charity.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved in choosing Mosaic to be charity of the year and for offering us such a warm welcome over the whole weekend. It was a brilliant experience and we loved every minute of it. 

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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