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Children & Young People

I learnt that it’s ok to talk about my feelings...
Mosaic offers support to children and young people in Dorset between 5-18 who attend an educational setting and have experienced bereavement.

Children & Young People

When someone special dies

When someone close to you dies, you may have all sorts of confusing feelings and some of these feelings may be quite strong.

Sometimes people die because they have been ill for a long time, but sometimes people die very suddenly. This can make us feel very sad and angry.

We will never forget someone special when they have died and it is really important to remember them, even if it is hard.

It can be difficult to talk about the person who has died - it can make you feel sad. Grownups find it hard too but keeping your feelings inside you can make you feel very angry. This is a difficult time for everyone.

There are lots of ways to help us remember someone who has died.
Below are some suggestions but you may have some of your own:

  • Make a memory box with items and photos to remind you of your special person.
  • Listen to the person’s favourite music or watch their favourite film.
  • Talk to other people about their memories of your special person.
  • Visit their favourite places, the beach, the park etc.

What can Mosaic do to help?

Mosaic is here to help young people like you who have experienced the death of someone special. All the people who work for Mosaic have had special training to help them to help you understand how you are feeling.

We usually visit you in your home or at school, wherever you feel the most comfortable. We will tell you about how we can help and find out about how you are feeling.

Children and young people tell us that they often feel lonely and isolated and that it is really helpful to meet others who have had similar experiences. In order to do this we organise Residential Weekends where you can have fun, laugh, cry and make friends.