Getting Through January

January can be a difficult month for many of us. The excitement of Christmas behind us and the warmth and light of spring seeming a long way in the future can lead to many people feeling very 'blue' during this month.

The never-ending pressure of the media to reinvent ourselves in January can add extra stress to our already busy lives, so we thought it would be a good time to remind you of a few ways to get yourself through the month. 

- Remember you are good enough just as you are. There is no need to become someone else this year.

- Keep a gratitude diary. Take a moment to write down something you are grateful for every day. This doesn't need to be something huge and can be as simple as sleep, food and warmth.

- Pay it forward. Making someone else feel better is a great way of making yourself feel good too. Buy a stranger a coffee or surprise a friend. It doesn't have to cost anything at all and it can really make someone's day.

- Reignite an interest. Get the jigsaw back out, find that book you have been meaning to read or look up that recipe and take the time to make it. Set yourself realistic and achievable targets; you will feel great when you have completed them.

- Make time for you. Even if this is just a relaxing bath once a week, or a walk all by yourself, taking the time to be alone is so important. Self-care is not selfish, it is essential.

- Get some exercise. If you can exercise, even if only very briefly, then do. The endorphins released will lift your mood almost straightaway. Just a walk through the woods can help you feel more positive.

- Finally, remember that each day is steadily getting lighter. It is only 3 weeks until the start of February when the evenings will be lighter, and spring will be within touching distance. You can do this! 

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