Alternative 2020 Resolutions

We all make them, don't we? Then we generally feel guilty about it, as within a week or two we have broken our resolutions or forgotten to do whatever it was we said we were going to do.

So, why not make it easier on yourself and try something a little different in 2020? Take some time to think about what would make a small, but positive, difference to the world around you and how this can be achieved. We have come up with a few suggestions here too…

Pledge to sacrifice one small luxury per week – Taking a reusable mug of coffee to work one day a week instead of stopping off at the nearest coffee shop and putting the money saved in a pot instead could make a huge difference. This not only helps the environment by using less single-use plastic but also builds a healthy savings pot to be donated to charity. By giving up one cup of takeaway coffee per week for a whole year (which on average costs £2.50 each) you could raise £130! To put this into perspective, this could pay for over 2 therapy sessions to help a bereaved child cope with their grief or purchase a set of books to enable a grieving widower to better support their children. If coffee isn't your thing, the same can be done with other 'luxury' items such as chocolate and takeaways too.

Challenge yourself – Like the idea of raising money for charity, whilst putting yourself through a personal challenge? However big or small your goal, setting yourself a physical or mental challenge to raise funds for a good cause is a great resolution to make! For maximum impact, get your friends and family involved too!

Join us as a volunteer - Why not consider donating your time to Mosaic? We are always looking for volunteers to help support the work we do, whether on a regular or ad-hoc basis. This could involve manning a stall for a few hours at a fundraising event whilst spreading the word about Mosaic or coming along and working with the children at one of our many family activity days and social events.

Make a donation - Setting up a regular direct debit is a simple way of pledging your support to Mosaic that is completely stress free! For more information on how you can do this, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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