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Activity Days

Days filled with new adventure and friends...
When Mosaic families build friendships it's great to have opportunities through the year to get out, have fun and see friends old and new.

Activity Days

When we support families through Mosaic, we really like to offer children and young people a chance to meet, build friendships, get outdoors, and have fun!

We are lucky to live in a beautiful county with great opportunities for adventure.

Mosaic activity days are arranged through the year, we sometimes go climbing, raft building or sailing. We have a great team of volunteers who are always on hand to support children through the day and any worries they might have.

Some of our activity days have been built around music, football or soap making! We have a varied schedule of events to find something for everyone. It is brilliant to have fun days outdoors and watch friendships being built, and stories being shared around a group.